To the people who feel broken, you are loved.

H E L L O W O R L D.

My name is Ecko Constantine. Portland Oregon is my home. I constantly Travel and I'm a DJ. I believe there is a difference between the body and soul. I believe that the soul is you and the body is just what you are hanging on to in this moment. I used to be alone. I could have quit. Maybe if I did it would have been fair. To be twisted, cut down, chewed up and spit out is beautiful. It is beautiful not because of the dark hell that you must go threw; but because in that moment you have an opportunity to rise higher than you have ever risen. Beauty can be found everywhere. Even in the darkest of moments. To see is one thing but to acknowledge is another. My purpose here is not to benefit myself, but the universe in any positive way I can. I make art, music and I write. Join me on my journey into the center of light. Together we will awake from our pursuits of happiness to find we were already there.
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Portland Oregon, photos by myself.